It's finally here! 
Our own high quality LifThor Sunshade, made from Vegan Leather  (PU) and Silicone

As probably the first producer ever we now have a sunshade for the latest iPad Pro 12.9" - in addition to the more known iPad sizes of 7.9" - 9,7" - 10.5" and the "old" 12.9".

- Compatible: with all our LifThor tablet holders, both for DJI Mavic/Spark and Autel EVO
- High quality PU leather hot-pressing ,high precision molded Silicon parts
- Easy to use, Durable.
- Water resistance  
- Offer you better visual experience
- Foldable and Transportable
- Includes a hook a loop strap to secure the straps in place

Compatible with most tablet device. 

Suitable for 

- 7.9"  or  (+/-)168mm devices   equivalent to an iPad Mini or similar devices. 
- 9.7" or   (+/-) 200mm equivalent to an iPad Air or similar devices
- 10.5" or (+/-) 220mm equivalent to an iPad PRO 10,5"/11" or similar devices

- 12.9" or (+/-) 270mm  equivalent to an iPad PRO 12.9" (1st & 2nd Genereation) or similar devices

- 12.9" or (+/-) 250mm equivalent to an iPad PRO 12.9" (3rd & 4th Genereation)  or similar devices


  • The inch measurements are based on the diagonal screen size in landscape mode (not the tablet's lenght) .
  • The mm measurements are based on the width of the  viewable screen, (in land scape mode)  not the full legnht of the table

    Not sure what size is the right for yours, measuere the viewable screen of your tablet and select the measurement that is closest to yours. 


LifThor SUNHOOD for tablets

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$30.00Sale Price