How we started


As a drone amature, I'm always looking out for the next big thing. After the big GoPro  Karma flop by the end of 2016, and the longest and most dreadful wait, I finally got my hands on my new drone addition; the  DJI MAVIC PRO. It was all they had promised, except for one thing; using my smartphone as the FPV-screen was not going to cut it for me. I needed  to use a bigger screen and after some trying and failing and lots of thinking I came up with the first and simplest DJI Mavic Pro tablet holder V1,  using velcro to hold the iPad in place.  After sharing my invention with fellow Mavic "droners" and forums, people started showing interest, they wanted to get one too, and that's how it all begun. After lots of feedback and collaboration from "droners" all around the world, we started working with modifications and improvements; giving birth to the DJI Mavic Pro iPad / Tablet holder V2. In litterally no time the word  spread and the demand  grew. Now more than ever we keep getting well appreciated feedback to  keep improving our products by fulfilling all the users’ needs and demands.


Why us?


We know  you can find many options in the market out there, and most might be even cheaper than our product. Anything from Chinese massproduced products to 3D printed versions.  However, so far, no one can compare with our product.  Not only do we have the ingenuity, but we understand it better, we have listened and we have adapted to fulfill the users and our own needs.  We are proud of our products, that's why our products are handmade in Norway, with high quality standards and sturdy highend materials. We don't believe in cutting edges, nor sacrificing quality over price. We are not massproducing.  We know every time we are packing each and every one of our products to be ship to its new owner, we are sending our best, we are sending a product we are proud of. 


After all - drones are not just a toy, it's our passion!!!

Costumer's feedback


“Item arrived in good order & quickly. Works great, no interference with arials.”


“The tablet mount itself immediately stands out over other competitors products and one of the main things I love most about this setup is that it gives the pilot unhindered access to the control sticks while allowing a complete view of both the remotes on-board screen and also the tablet screen simultaneously. .”


“My tablet stand arrived today, looks very well engineered, it looks the best tablet holder I've seen so far. Thank you.”

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