LifThor Loki Phone / Tablet (up to iPad 10.5") & Tripod kit for your DJI FPV Drone!

- Take off your goggles and rest your eyes on the phones camera live feed to avoid getting too dizzy flying true FPV style.

- Mount the RC to the optional StrapThor Pro Body Tripod or any traditional Tripod and enjoy 100% handsfree without dropping the rc.

Bracket is made of 100% aluminium. Phone/Tablet clamp material is PVC. 


- You can now choose this product with the fullsize tablet clamp INSTEAD of the original phone/small tablet clamp. When chosen you will only get the fullsize tablet clamp and not both. The fullsize tablet clamp supports all tablet sizes from 7.9" to 12.9".

* Compatible with DJI FPV Remote Control
* The clamp supports any phone size and tablets up to iPad 10.5"

LifThor Loki Phone and Tablet Holder for DJI FPV