This kit contains what you need to mirror your phone's image to litterally any HDMI device/monitor/tv.
If you already have the LifThor Mjølnir Tablet Holder and an HDMI monitor the included Utility Mount for LifThor Mjølnir makes it possible to mount the monitor on the tablet holder instead of a tablet. 
You can even mount a CrystalSky monitor if you want that....


This kit includes the following products:
1x MiraScreen G4 HDMI/WiFi adaptor

1x 2600mAh Battery Bank for the MiraScreen
1x Utility Mount for LifThor Mjølnir


It does NOT include any HDMI monitor or the full LifThor Mjølnir Tablet Holder.

Please have a look at this video that explains more about the concept:


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Video Link Mirroring Combo

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