We have bundled up our Best Seller for DJI Mavic Series in this combo-product - 
LifThor Mjølnir Duo. You get the normal Tablet Holder kit for DJI Mavic Series*  + the  CrystalSky mounting bracket. 

1 x LifThor Mjølnir holder for Mavic Series
1 x Tablet Clamp
1 x  CrystalSky Bracket / Utility mount
1 x ConnecThor Cable for CrystalSky monitor 
1 x LifThor Storage bag

* Not supported for the DJI Mavic AIR 2 or DJI Mavic Mini 2

Product description: 

LifThor Mjølnir:
The LifThor Mjølnir BASE is made of 100% aluminum comes integrated with a built in tripod fixing point. (find more product details on it's product page; LifThor Mjølnir)

LifThor Mjølnir supports all tablet sizes from 7.9" (iPad mini) to 12.9" (iPad Pro) 

CrystalSky bracket  / Utility mount for LifThor:

Our newly designed utility bracket made in entirely aluminum  allows  DJI CrystalSky devices (5.5" / 7.85") to be mounted extremely sturdy without any chance of losing your prefered angle. Includes our ConnecThor cable for CrystalSky (find more product details on it's product page; Utility mount)


Lifthor Mjolnir DUO (Tablet + CrystalSky mount)

LifThor Sun Hood (+USD $30)
  • LifThor Sun hood

    What's the right size for my Tablet?

    Measure the viewable size of your screen in landscape mode to get  the length, select the corresponding size according to our 5 different sizes . - Need help, don't hesitate to contact us. 

    *Please note the size in inches (") are corresponding to the diagonal screen size, not the length of the screen.

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