Lifthor Mjolnir DUO (Tablet + CrystalSky mount)

Lifthor Mjolnir DUO (Tablet + CrystalSky mount)


We have bundled up our Best Seller for DJI Mavic Series in this combo-product - 
LifThor Mjølnir Duo. You get the normal Tablet Holder kit for DJI Mavic Series*  + the  CrystalSky mounting bracket. 

1 x LifThor Mjølnir holder for Mavic Series
1 x Tablet Clamp
1 x  CrystalSky Bracket / Utility mount
1 x ConnecThor Cable for CrystalSky monitor 
1 x LifThor Storage bag

* Not supported for the DJI Mavic AIR 2 or DJI Mavic Mini 2

Product description: 

LifThor Mjølnir:
The LifThor Mjølnir BASE is made of 100% aluminum comes integrated with a built in tripod fixing point. (find more product details on it's product page; LifThor Mjølnir)

LifThor Mjølnir supports all tablet sizes from 7.9" (iPad mini) to 12.9" (iPad Pro) 

CrystalSky bracket  / Utility mount for LifThor:

Our newly designed utility bracket made in entirely aluminum  allows  DJI CrystalSky devices (5.5" / 7.85") to be mounted extremely sturdy without any chance of losing your prefered angle. Includes our ConnecThor cable for CrystalSky (find more product details on it's product page; Utility mount)


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